Backdraft is in Quarantine!

As the title states our race car “Backdraft” is patiently sitting in a garage somewhere in NJ (in Quarantine) waiting for the proper time for us to go get him and take him on some test launches! You see our cars are teaching us patience. They’re teaching us that no matter how much time it takes it will be there when we’re ready!

Because of the ‘Rona’ virus all of our lives have been interrupted and put on hold it seems. It would seem that Drag Racing would be the furthest thing from anyone’s mind but to drag race fans this is brutal! You see, for drag racers it’s way more than just making passes 1320′ at a time (or 660′ for you 1/8 milers..I won’t tease you, lol), it’s about all the friends you haven’t seen, the family and friends you spend time with at the strip, the smell of race fuel (or the burnt nose hairs and watery eyes from the smell of alcohol or Nitro), burnt rubber in the air, the excitement of watching your friends and family achieve goals set for the season! For us drag racers it’s in the blood. We feel like a piece of our lives is missing and it is!

The good news! We WILL overcome this and we WILL be drag racing again! This is temporary. A momentary pause where we can reflect and truly appreciate the necessary things in life. To understand that these extracurricular things we love to do will be there when we’re ready to get back to it! Let’s face it, no one likes change. We like our routines and this virus has us hitting the pause button on our lives like we do to our favorite tv shows when it’s time for a cold drink or quick visit to the bathroom.

Which reminds me to tell everyone to please check and recheck track schedules! They are changing faster than The Tiger King changes husbands! One of our races, June Bug at Maple Grove Raceway has been changed from June to October.

There is light at the end of the tunnel! There is an end to this! Until then fellow drag racers stay safe, stay strong, get your cars ready and I better not see one dusty ass car at the next track event! No excuses, you have nothing but time on your hands and you know who you are! LOL! GodBless!