Dragstrips are open again in Maryland!!!

Governor Larry Hogan announced last night that outdoor activities can commence as part of the reopening sequence due to Covid-19. This is good news for Drag Racers as Maryland Dragstrips can now open as long as they adhere to social distancing guidelines!

MDIR (MD International Raceway Budds Creek, MD) has given the best response in laying out the guidelines on how they will respond to the situation! I’ve attached a link to their page…. https://www.racemdir.com/news/2020/200527-01.htm

Since the closure of Capitol Raceway at the end of last season, Maryland has dwindled down to just 3 drag strips left in the entire State. We need to do our due diligence as racers to support and keep these drag strips open by patronizing them and helping to keep them clean, neat and a fun atmosphere for everyone! The other 2 dragstrips in Maryland are Cecil County Dragway and Mason Dixon Dragway. Their links are here…… http://www.masondixondragway.com/ ………. https://www.cecilcountydragway.com/

If all goes well we will be testing either Backdraft or the Porsche 997tt very soon!! Wish us luck! Updates will be coming on our 1972 German Look Project named “Bumblebee”! It’s at Dowcoenterprises.com (Dowco) getting a news trans built as we speak!