Fast Times at Farmington #10

Oct 19………Fast Times at Farmington #10 / Farmington Dragway This was another great event put on by SEVWA! As far as ourselves, we met Saturday night with all the Unlimited Street East racer and performed our cruise to the track. The Bug ran excellent and had no issues.

The day of the race we lined our car up on the BurnOut box and attempted our first BurnOut on the first pass and broke the drivers side axle. We attempted to repair it but could not find the right axle.

I want to personally thank my sponsors who have hung in there with us the entire season even through all of our problems. This year has truly been trying, we have fought many issues. A BIG THANKS to Jason Lauffer of VW Paradise and Sean Dowdle of Dowco Enterprises! I’d never be running this fast without you guys.