Fast Times at Farmington October 20, 2013 Farmington NC – SEVWA Pro Outlaw

In our final race of the season we wanted to finish out on a good note. We’ve been having some great luck with our new Paradise Motorsports Power plant! Our first pass told us that the day was gonna be tricky because we broke traction badly and shook the tires all through first gear. The pass netted us a 6.25 ET and good enough for #2 qualifier. In our next two qualifying passes we fought traction issues trying to get the car to launch better. Our first elimination pass had us paired against Corbitt Marshburn, Marshburn tree’d us but we ran our best pass of the day with a 6.13 @ 115 mph. Good enough to get us into the finals. We spun badly on the final and took Pro Outlaw Runner Up again!