First of all, thanks to MIR for putting on another great event. You guys know how to put on a race! This was our first race with new slicks. We were allowed to have an exhibition run on the first pass. The car hooked hard and stood straight up in the air. We ended up with a 10.90 @ 128mph.

Compensated too much on air pressure on second pass (first qualifying pass) and blew the tires off out of the hole. Ended with an 11.67 @ 124mph. (Second Qualifying pass) Hooked a lot better but still spun a little more than we wanted out of the hole and ended up running a 10.20 @ 141mph. Good enough for #6 qualifier!

First elimination round – Staged the car, Launched then broke the cam, again.

Thanks to all my sponsors for hanging with us. This has been a tough season but we’ll get it right!