JLR Racing enters a New Era!

I’m sure by now people who know us know we retired BackDraft and sold her to a new home. We wish her new owner all the best! Jerry was just on the phone with the new owner this past weekend helping him as he gets some seat time in her! People keep approaching Jerry and ask him “What are you up to now?” So let’s touch upon this shall we!

They say all racing is a Drag Race until the first turn! LOL…well that’s exactly what we here at JLR are experiencing. Although Jerry’s focus has shifted recently with the addition of BumbleBee into the road course racing world, we still have roots in Drag Racing!

While we may not be travelling as much right now to compete we are still very much competing! We’ve recently added a few cars to the stable and will touch upon it in a bit. For now let’s explain the shift in focus.

Jerry is a Racing advocate. Although his roots were in VW Air Cooled’s he’s not brand specific. He loves all kinds of different brands and all kinds of Racing. From RC Drag Racing to “Big Car” Drag Racing, to Road Course Racing to Dirt Racing. His main sponsor Jerry Lewis Roofing, Inc. also sponsors many other cars not owned by JLR Racing. This company sponsors Jr Dragsters, Dirt Track cars, Drag Cars, Road Course Cars and even RC Cars (yes Remote Controlled Drag Race Cars). Many have been through the JLR Racing garage to have some work performed. Others just need monetary support with their owners/race organizations handling their own in house tuning and maintenance. The Racing community is a family and we’ve met some of the most genuine people while doing this. It warms JLR’s hearts to see our customers and friends do well and accomplish their goals!

At this time JLR will still be competing with BumbleBee (1972 Super Beetle) and Glitch (2007 911 Turbo) in various events whether it be a Drag Race or Road Course event. Both cars can actually race both types of racing. In the coming months BumbleBee and Glitch will transition over to mostly Road Course with the occasional Drag Race for promotional purposes.

Which leads us to where we are now. We have added 2 cars to the stable of JLR Race cars. One is owned by JLR where the other is an added sponsorship. We are excited to announce our new addition! Drum Roll Please?…………..

JLR is now the proud owner of a 2020 Toyota Supra named “Black Ice”! We will be partnering with Norris Prayoonto of PrayoontoRacing.com fame to tune this beast for us! Norris has been racing these cars since they first arrived in 2019 is easily pushing 8’s in his fast ass ride! Our focus won’t be for that kind of power because JLR’s focus is bracket racing and Road Course! With Norris’ help and our racing background we should easily be able to have a 10 second track monster that can Drag Race and Road Course Race while being competitive! This NEW ERA has shifted our focus to be able to do both! We’ll keep you posted on her transformation! It’s an exciting time here at JLR Racing!

Although this next car is owned personally by its owner and not affiliated with JLR Racing in any way but Sponsorship we are proud to have him on board and under our umbrella! Jeff Butler has long been behind the scenes helping Jerry with everything Race related including being his COO at Jerry Lewis Roofing, Inc. He will be competing with Jerry in many events including some Drag Racing and Road Course race events. Meet his new 2021 Ford Mustang Mach 1 named “Goose”! We will be doing a blog on each car in the near future to give you a better insight as to what these monsters have under the hood and future plans for them!

Stay tuned for our next blog! We will be doing articles on vehicles we’ve sponsored for years in all sorts of different racing endeavors!