JLR Racing welcomes “Bumblebee”!

Little “Jax” Butler approves of our new German Look Project!

This is JLR Racing’s new project. Already affectionately referred to as “Bumblebee” this VeeDub will undergo quite a transformation in the coming weeks and months!

Our idea is to turn this great candidate of a car into what we in the VW world refer to as a German Look Bug. German Look bugs get their name because they are usually modified to accept bigger Porsche wheels, 4 wheel disc brakes, lowering struts, upgraded transaxles, urethane bushings, Kafer braces and strut bars and other modifications to make them stick to those curvy roads and cruise the Autobahn in Germany!

Example of a German Look VW Beetle

The engine will be one of the last to be put in the car which will be a 300+HP Monster EFI Turbo engine! JLR’s plan is to build the car to be capable of running Autocross and Road course events along with some short stints at the drag strip for fun! Stay tuned as we will update later on progress!