June Bug Classic Results – Maple Grove Raceway

This race was the debut of the VW Heritage Series’ A/Gas Heads Up Series. This was a 1/4 mile race with 10 cars competing for an 8 car field! At the end of Qualifying we were #1 Qualifiers with a 9.38 @ 149 MPH. We pushed out another intake gasket while on the pass and got it repaired in time for the first Elimination round. We won that round with a competition bye run then had to face a front wheel drive VW Golf. We made it past that round to face another Air Cooled Bug in the final. We lost the final in a pedal fest because the track was very slick at that point in the day. All in all it was a good day and because of #1 Qualifier and making it to the final we are 1 point behind the leader sitting firmly in 2nd place!