MIR Test and Tune / Swap Meet November 10, 2013

This was our last time out for the year and we were excited to finally get a chance at some 1/4 mile passes! On our first attempt out I had difficulty getting the car into 2nd gear. I finally found 2nd and ran the car out netting a 10.38 @ 147mph. The MPH told us we were going to have some great ET’s if we can get the car into 2nd gear. We made some small adjustments and went up for our 2nd pass. We made it a our focus to get the car into 2nd gear this time. I launched the car and completely lifted the throttle while depressing the clutch from 1st to 2nd gear making sure I was in gear. I then let off the clutch and mashed the throttle feeling the front end lift while carrying the front end in 2nd gear. The pass was smooth and we netted a 9.61 ET @ 148MPH!!! Good enough to reclaim the Fastest and Quickest Street Legal Bug on the East Coast! Also bumping us up the UAC (Ultimateaircooled.com) Turbo Street Legal list to 4th in the world! As we say goodbye to 2013, we would like to thank all those who kept supporting us as we never gave up in our endeavors to reclaim what we were shooting for!!!!