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JLR Racing enters a New Era!

I’m sure by now people who know us know we retired BackDraft and sold her to a new home. We wish her new owner all the best! Jerry was just… Read More

The “G’s” of Drag Racing!

Ever wondered how hard your vehicle pulls? No I’m not talking about torque or a tractor pull or pulling a trailer. I’m talking about your Race/Street/Drag Car! I recently watched… Read More

VW Beetle Aerodynamics

Have any of you ever thought about the aerodynamics of a VW Beetle? Getting closer to playing in the Road Course/Auto Cross world of Racing I’ve been thinking more of… Read More

Adams Racing FTW!

You may not always hear it but Drag Racing really is a family sport. I have met some of the most dearest people to me through Drag Racing. These people… Read More

VW Pro Mod “Backdraft” spanks 8’s!

**Official Release** If I told you that an engine that comes in at a hefty 132.11 cubic inches could push a VW Bug into the 8 second 1/4 mile zone… Read More