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Bug Out 64 – Old Dominion Speedway

We fought traction issues all day at BugOut 64.  The car would not go straight at all.  We lost first round of eliminations and ended up with a best ET… Read More

Jet Wars – Pro Stick Class – 2008

One word sums up this event, WOW! I had more fun at this event then I have had in a long time! This was our first time racing with the… Read More

Battle of the Imports – MIR

Qualified 2nd position with a 9.76ET @ 145.13mph (Video Below) Finished Runner Up in Street Tuner class with a 10.06ET @ 141mph (Video Below) – We posted this number with… Read More

Unlimited Street East Northern Challenge

We are officially the Unlimited Street East Champs! The Bug won with a 6.36ET @ 115mph!

BugOut 63 – Old Dominion Speedway

1st pass attempt: We were still plagued with the new car blues. Did a burnout and the engine shut down. Needle and seat in the Carb picked up some trash… Read More