October 16, 2016 – Reschedule Date – June Bug 29 – Maple Grove Raceway – VW Heritage Series A/Gas Class

WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!  We came into this race knowing we had to do well. Hours after hours were spent on the dyno trying to resolve our boost issue. We simply ran out of time and were forced again to race being down on power. We knew we had to qualify well in order to have a shot at the points leader. With a little luck and Gods blessing we hoped to have a chance. We ended up #2 qualifier giving us some badly needed points. As the ladder came up we realized it was gonna come down to the wire. Which it did! We were gonna have to make it to the finals and hope our competitor lost in the semis. The stars were in our favor as it happened just like that. We lost in the finals but gained enough points to win by a very slim 2 points! What a season!!!!