Test Session Results from MDIR

Tested “Backdraft” to gather some data and information. Our agenda for the day was 3 fold. First we needed to make an easy launch to help seat the rings on the new JK Enterprises engine. Second, we wanted to “feel out” the new clutch combo from Ron Lummus Racing and Third we wanted to get some AFR’s to determine where the tune was on the car. We achieved all three.

First Pass – Launched on a lower RPM and the car ran a 6.74 @ 108 1/8th and a 10.37 @ 137 1/4 mile. Clutch felt great and AFR’s looked good.

Second Pass – Rolled the car out very slow then throttled the car hard when we hit second gear. The car ran a low 7 @ 118MPH 1/8th and a 10.60 @ 150.87 MPH !/4 Mile! All components felt great and the MPH told us this car is gonna run very fast!

It was getting late so we packed it in and headed home with some great results!