Test & Tune Results from Cecil County Dragway

Did some more testing today with Backdraft. The engine builder “Jersey” Joe Koenig and our friend and long time VW drag racer Nelson Rodriguez Sr. came out to help us. We made 3 passes on this day and every pass got a little better. We gained a lot of information and data. We also figured out how to increase the boost! The wheelie bars however were bent from our last test session at VMP so we tried our best to compensate for them by adjusting offsets on the heim joints.

Our passes were as follows:

  • Pass 1 – 9.95 @ 148 on 17lbs boost
  • Pass 2 – 9.64 @ 150.8 on 21lbs boost
  • Pass 3 – 9.46 @ 156 on 26lbs boost