VW Heritage Series – Capitol Raceway – I/Gas Bracket Class

We went to the Heritage VW Series organized by Scott Pocaro at Capitol raceway to TNT and acquire data. We had a strategy and got a lot of questions answered! Upon arrival at the track we did our usual setting up then started to put on the wheelie bars…would not fit,lol. We didn’t bother to check before the race to see if they would fit. The drivers side top bar was touching the exhaust flange. So we decided since all we wanted was data to leave the bars off and lower launch rpm and boost….BAD IDEA,lol!

Needless to say there were a few surprises in store for the day!

We run an AEM electronic controller. On the old draw through set up it would take a higher percentage on the controller to achieve our goal of 24lbs. I thought I would turn the controller down 10% and that would put me around 17-20lbs..WRONG,lol. I lowered the launch RPM from our old 6800 to 5000…WRONG,lol.

On our first pass (as people their will atest) I knew something was different when I did my first burnout. NO LAG at all! This thing just sang a song and it was all the whistle of a turbo! I thought to myself “Damn this thing sounds awesome!”.

I stage, barely touch the 2 step (which I used to have to lay on it on the draw through), and when I launch I feel the car roll out about 10 feet then straight the hell up to the sky…didn’t have time to think just react. The car came down hard but luckily nothing was hurt. I tried to grab second but had difficulty.

2nd pass, add air to the slicks, lower launch rpm again (this time to 4600) and add pressure to the clutch management. I performed a shorter burnout, staged the car, lights come down then this time the car rolls out about 30 feet then again straight the hell up to the sky,lol… I again had difficulty finding second and third.

3rd pass, we decide that the bars HAVE to go on the car to get some data. We found out a way to get them on the car this time. Same air pressure in slicks, same launch rpm, added a little stiffness to the clutch management. This time no straight up to the sky wheelie, go to second it won’t go in the first time, 2nd time it drops in, I get on it go to third, no dice on third, try again (all the while I’m lifting the throttle completely and depressing the clutch fully) nothing again, try once more it drops in and I’m off, hit fourth and follow through with the pass. Finally got some data and an ET. I get the time ticket it says 11.99 @ 131 mph,lol! ET sucks but the mph after three missed shifts gives me a lot to smile about!!!

We’re gonna change the clutch to a set up I’m used to then test again before Radford. All in All I can say this.. I will never go back to a Draw Through set up again! EFI Turbo is a great combo when it’s set up by people like Kris who know what they are dealing with!

Now I know this sounds cliche but I have to thank some people;

Paradise Motorsports – Thank your Kris and Jason!! I know I drive you nuts (and probably still will,lol) trying to get this combo set up. Alky is coming soon!!!!!

Sean Dowdle (Dowco Enterprises) – Thanks for everything man! You listen to my crazy ass ideas and call me a dumbass when they are really crazy,lol! The help from you over the years has been tremendous!

Shane C. – Thanks for “hooking a brotha up” with a great running engine!

Matt Slifer – As always you are great pit help!

My wife and daughter for putting up with me!