VW Heritage Series – Capitol Raceway Results

We got our Pro Mod Backdraft to the 5’s! We had two qualifying passes in our A/Gas Jerry Lewis Roofing Sponsored Heads Up Class at this event. We decided since we knew the track was in great shape to make a hard hit on the first pass. We ran a 5.90ET @ 123MPH! Good enough for #1 Qualifier! Matt Slifer (Great Friend and Crew Chief) decided along with Jerry to sit out the 2nd Qualifier and hope no one bested our 5.90. We were lucky and ended up the top of the ladder!

2 cars couldn’t make the first Elims due to unfortunate circumstances so we ended up with a Bye run into the semifinals. We decided to make an easy pass to move into the next round. We had Ollie Frey with his awesome Pro Stock in the semis. Ollie left first with Jerry close behind. Jerry missed a quick shift to 3rd and didn’t have enough to reel in Ollie to the 1/8th.

All in all it was a great day! We didn’t get the event win but did get #1 Qualifier and went some rounds to overtake 1st place in the points standings! With Englishtown being the last race of the season and only a 7 point lead we need to be on our game to win this series! Enjoy a link below of our 5.90 Qualifying pass!