VW Pro Mod “Backdraft” spanks 8’s!

**Official Release**

If I told you that an engine that comes in at a hefty 132.11 cubic inches could push a VW Bug into the 8 second 1/4 mile zone you probably wouldn’t believe it! Still rear engine Air Cooled with a type 1 VW Transaxle one wouldn’t think it possible from a design that was a concept in 1939! Well that’s exactly what JLR Racing did early on in 2020! Running an (5.78 @ 123mph 1/8 mile) 8.99 @ 153MPH! (Pic Courtesy of Gates Photography – David Gates)

Video Link Below (Courtesy of “Little” Ricky Butler for original recording and Stephen Hawes for posting edited version)

If you are versed in all things air cooled you could easily say to yourself that you have seen VW’s run into the 7 second zone and that is true. However, all those 7 second VW Bugs have Billet Aluminum blocks and are either injected or Intercooled!

Also, if you are versed in all things air cooled you understand how hard it is to push a draw through turbo air cooled that fast! For those who do not know any better, a draw through turbo simply means the Turbo draws the fuel and the air through the Carburetor. (See pic for details). This is a popular concept and design in the Air Cooled VW world. There are classes that are designed by rule to only be “draw through” such as “Pro Turbo” on the US West Coast ( https://www.ultimateaircooled.com/threads/pro-turbo-rules.13646/ ). These setups can make a lot of HP on a small configuration!

This setup is based on an original rear VW configuration using a 2165cc Engine, CB Performance Aluminum Case with CB Performance Street Eliminator Heads, Turbos Direct 60mm Turbo, Custom built Stainless Steel Exhaust by Keith Mease, JK Custom Grind Cam with flat tappet lifters running an MSD Power Grid ignition. Backdraft still sports the original configured VW Type 1 4 speed Transaxle . This accomplishment was performed while shifting a 4 speed transaxle (yes that’s right an 8 while pushing the clutch and shifting!). Pretty Bad Ass!

We would like to thank the many many people who have helped JLR Racing achieve this accomplishment. “Jersey” Joe Koening (Engine Builder and Tuner), Matt Slifer (Crew Chief), “Little” Ricky Butler (Pit Crew), Michelle Lewis (Jerry’s Wife), RLR – Ron Lummus, CB Performance – Pat Downs, Jack Sacchette – JayCee Enterprises/EMPI, VW Paradise – Jason Lauffer, Sean Dowdle – Dowco Enterprises (Bad Ass Transaxles and Fabrication), Turbos Direct – Mike Merrell, Pauter – Don Pauter and Mario Tavares. To anyone else who has contributed and helped along the way that was not mentioned above a sincere and humble thank you!! Then to the most important thanks be to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Thanks for keeping us safe and alive to enjoy this great sport we love called Drag Racing!