World Cup Finals (Import vs. Domestic) – 2008

This was THE LARGEST event I have ever raced at! Big Hat’s Off to Jason Miller of Maryland Internationl Raceway! Over 1200 Racers and 10,000 Spectators! How’s that for an “off the chain” event! First of all, I am thankful for the opportunity to race with such good people. The people in the Wild Street class are class act people.

We didn’t really know what to expect with this new engine combo. We had our old turbo on the car, a new cam in the engine and also made some carb and timing changes. We were truly surprised.

On our first pass we chose to be conservative and only ran a mild boost. Ended the pass with a 10.32ET! At that point we were very excited! Second pass – Increased the boost and made a few tuning changes. Ran a 9.97ET! Hell yeah!

First Round of Elims. – While staging the car, I felt something strange in the clutch pedal. I let off the Rev limiter and pulled out on the clutch. The car then drifted into the beams and lights came down. I launched .300 of a second behind the Mustang. To my disbelief, at the 60′(because when I launched the car pulled left towards the wall and I had to let out of it and then get back in the throttle), at the 330′ and at the 1/8th mile I was right beside the Mustang. When I hit 4th gear the car pulled toward the wall again and I heard something in the drivetrain so I let out of the throttle. The car still drifted a 10.33 ET! I was not disappointed because I know the car still has much more in it!


That’s it Folks. The end of another season. Thanks to my sponsors who hung in there with us. We’re not gonna make any major changes this off-season but we WILL get weight out the car! Looking for 9.50’s or better next season! Very Achievable!